Marijuana Is Now Legal In California

Marijuana is from a hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa that is capable of intoxicating the user. It is a greenish-gray mixture and is known by other names like a weed, pot, herb, ganja, and other urban slangs like Mary Jane. Marijuana, which is widely approved for its medicinal uses, can also kill a person if it is in the wrong hands. In most places across the globe consuming or even carrying marijuana is illegal and violators of this law are heavily penalized. But few places have legalized the recreational use of marijuana.

So, Is Marijuana Legal in the State of California?

Yes, it is, from 9th of November, 2016. As early as in 1996, California was the first state to legalize the use of medical marijuana. Now almost two decades after that, the state in 2016 has also legalized the use of recreational marijuana after the residents of the state voted in favor of the same. A margin of 56% of the voters passed the resolution which was titled ‘Proposition 64’. So California is the fifth state after Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska to legalize this recreational activity. Though the dispensaries in Marijuana are yet to legally sell marijuana packs, at least now people can actually carry, consume and even grow it at homes without any restriction.


Though Proposition 64 was sanctioned based on public voting, the state did scrutinize it a bit. Any buyer of marijuana under the age of 21 will be convicted and will be asked to take part in drug education programs or counseling sessions depending on the intensity of the crime. If any seller of marijuana is caught without the license to do the same, he will be penalized and put behind bars for a minimum period of 6 months.

Critics’ take on legalizing Marijuana: 

The CEO of Spectrum Health Systems, Kurt Isaacson stated, “When a state legalizes the use of marijuana, fatalities increase and lives of children and teenagers are put at stake.” His statement is undeniably true. The law keepers of the state cannot go behind every individual above the age of 21, to check if he or she is rightly using his/her freedom. A kid might fake his age, easily get access to this stuff and might end up in a miserable state. It is reported that about 20% of the Americans live in places where marijuana is legalized. Their safety is still a big question mark. This is what people around the world feel about Preposition 64 of California.

Legalizing something as lethal as this will only have negative impacts on the welfare of the public. At times it is also felt that the law of the land cannot be determined based on polls and public opinion.



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