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Pros and cons of consuming Marijuana

Pros and Cons of consuming Marijuana:

Marijuana comes from a hemp plant Cannabis Sativa and has a component called tetrahydrocannabinol or shortly known as THC. It intoxicates the user and makes the person feel high. THC is simply a protective mechanism that prevents the marijuana plant from its predators.THC creates mind altering effects, which distinguishes marijuana as a drug. It makes a person want it more like an addiction, and a person becomes a victim even if he knows it is hazardous to health. There are over 400 chemicals in marijuana. Marijuana has a distinctive odor that attracts the predator. Just because marijuana is naturally grown, it doesn’t mean it isn’t bad for health, or it is legal to consume.

Pros and Cons of consuming Marijuana Benefits of consuming marijuana:

  • Consuming marijuana at prescribed levels can have medicinal uses.
  • Marijuana can improve the lung health of a person by reversing the effects of tobacco.
  • The California Pacific Medical Center located in San Francisco released a report that proves, chemical components in marijuana can actually stop the spreading of cancer cells while some can also kill the cancer cells in the body.
  • Low levels of marijuana can act as a drug and suppress pain. So marijuana can help people fight depression.
  • Since we have already seen instances where marijuana can reduce pain, it also helps people who have multiple sclerosis by easing their pain.
  • Since marijuana acts as a pain reliever, it also eases the patient and helps him sleep.
  • It improves the human metabolism and helps the body to respond well to sugar, because of the same reason, a person who consumes marijuana is bony and slim.
  • Marijuana can make a person creative. Though it is quite laughable, it is a logical fact.

Cons of consuming marijuana:

  • Smoking weed can increase your heart rate by two fold. So people with heart conditions might collapse if they consume marijuana.
  • Smoking marijuana will cause irritation in your lungs. This will heavily infect the lungs and might cause a severe cough and chest cold.
  • Other physical issues like dizziness and breathing suffocation can also show up.
  • Smoking up can cause sleeping disorders.
  • Once the person smokes up, he transcends and gets to a different world. The same state can continue maximum upto 3 to 4 hours. Once a victim tries to withdraw, it can cause depression and paranoia.
  • The person can become forgetful of the present and can also lose his senses.
  • A poll that was conducted in America asked how many of its residents use marijuana.
  • The corresponding results show that 1 out of every 8 people in the USA consume marijuana. Though it has its medicinal values, getting addicted to it is not a good sign. It can go to the extent of killing the user or leaves his health in a very poor condition.

TORONTO LIFE Q&A: Chris Goodwin, the guy whose “weed bar” got raided (and is already back up and running)

TORONTO LIFE Q&A: Chris Goodwin, the guy whose “weed bar” got raided:

Weeds, people say, “What did you think was going to happen?” But my job is just to do it again—do it bigger and smarter and then do it again after that. I believe that the will of cannabis culture will outlast the will of law enforcement in practicing what I believe is tyranny. They’re going to do what they’re going to do and I’m going to do what I’m going to do, but I believe I can outlast. It’s like the Survivor slogan: outwit, outlast, outplay.

weedYou’re certainly doing your part to disprove the lazy stoner stereotype.

Marijuana makes some people lethargic, but that’s never been the case for me. I think the whole stoner-in-the-basement thing has more to do with prohibition, with having to hide what we’re doing and trying not to get caught.

What’s next for Good Weeds?

Our place is back up and running, now as a vapor lounge, [meaning customers have to bring their own weed]. Erin and I aren’t allowed to be there right now—one of the conditions of our bail—so we have friends running it at the moment. It’s funny: since the raid, we’ve got a bunch of resumes from people who want to work for us. As far as the trial, we are set to appear in court on February 26th, but the whole thing will probably go at a snail’s pace—a year, 18 months—now that it’s in front of the courts. Who knows, maybe marijuana will be on store shelves by the time this is sorted out. A friend of mine was saying that maybe Erin and I will be the last people arrested in Canada for this kind of thing. It’s not likely, but that would definitely be an interesting way to go down in the history  
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